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Reasons to volunteer

As parents, most of our plates are not only full but overflowing; our schedules are so tight they’re cutting off blood flow and our to-do lists are endless. The last thing any of us truly wants to do is commit to another project, group, or organization.

But there’s one area where we shouldn’t be cutting corners or making excuses, and that’s volunteering at our child’s school. The ongoing social, academic and emotional success of our kids relies heavily on the amazing network of parents and guardians.


Teacher / Staff “Taco Tuesday” Potluck

Hello fellow Mesa View Parents! I invite you to join the MV PTSO as we arrange a "Taco Tuesday" Potluck on Tuesday, October 17, 2017, to appreciate our hard working Teachers and Staff the week of parent conferences.

We will be hosting approximately 60 staff members, please take into account when making a dish or purchasing an item. Also, if I may suggest, foil containers are ideal for potluck items. PLEASE drop off donated items to the office or the lounge by 3:00 pm Tuesday, October 17, 2017.

Thank you kindly for your donation. The Mesa View teachers, staff, students and PTSO truly appreciates the donation.


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