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Meeting Minutes May 9, 2017

Mesa View PTSO General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Yvonne Redford, Randy Lempert, Jessica Haag, Andrew Lothian, Cindy Lukas, Patty Nagatoshi, Sue Restmeyer, Stacy Alyea, Rennell Gochman, Huong Vu, Dennis Nicolosi, Carol Ballard


Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm

ASB Report:

  • “May the spirit be with You” is the theme for May. Color wars is approaching divided by grade level everyone is excited about that.

  • ASB President will give a speech at 8th grade dance.

Principal’s Report:

  • Discussion about the recent Open House, the consensus was it turned out awesome everyone was pleased. At 5:15pm the event opened with performances from both the Music Department and Choir.

  • Mr. Lempert presented data from the LCAP (Local Control Accountability Report).  Data included percentage of funds that go to salary and benefits (87%).  How district spends money will be partly decided by an individual school’s California Dashboard.  For example, Mesa View looks good on the Equity Report, but shows that we need help in “Students with disabilities math and ELA”.  Important to note that the dashboard reflects growth over time.

  • Q:  Does data take into account that Mesa View is a GATE school?  A:  No, but the dashboard looks at data progress over time to identify shortfalls.  We are comparing ourselves to ourselves.  Teachers then determine the necessary action steps.

New Business:

  • Treasurer’s Report:  We still have enough of a balance to fund teacher requests in order to spend down.  

  • Mr. Lempert reports that teachers have been surveyed and the consensus is a Chrome Cart.  A motion was made to allocate $11,500 to purchase a new Chrome Cart.  Motion passed with all in favor.

  • Also, PTSO will be funding a mural for the ball wall (facing Christa Palma).  Mr. Lempert says that estimates he received were very similar.  Decided to go with a vendor who has already worked in the district.  

  • After both expenditures, the carryover balance is about $32,000.

  • 8th grade dance:  Q:  Is $1,500 enough?  A:  Yes, not all kids go plus each students is asked for a $5.00 donation.  Q:  Does the PTSO fund anything else for the outgoing 8th graders?  A:  Yes, we fund the 8th grade BBQ.

  • Student Store:  $3,000 in net profit so far.  

  • Box Tops:  Received second check.  This year’s total $806.40.  Side note – California may eliminate food related fundraisers.

  • 8th grade dance:  Do they need more volunteers?  The secret theme is “Hollywood”.  The chair seems to moving things along just fine.

  • Board nominations for next year:  Nomination were made as follows:

        Co-Presidents:  Sue Restmeyer and Stacy Alyea

        Vice-President:  Andrew Lothian

        Secretary:  Huong Vu

        Treasurer:  Cindy Lukas

        All board nominations received a second motion.  All nominations were unanimously approved.

Old Business:

  • TK Burgers sold 188 meals.  Last year they sold over 300 with pre-sales.  No kickback this year.

  • Kona Ice:  No numbers yet.  They give back 20%.

  • Restaurant Nights:  Pieology is Thursday, May 18th from 5-10.  Andrew is doing a re-tweet contest with a gift card giveaway.

  • Teacher Appreciation:  Breakfast burritos, juice, yogurts.  Teachers like this.

  • Coffee with the Principal is coming up on 5/26.

  • Incoming 5th graders are coming on 6/15.  Inviting parents from feeder schools to get involved.

  • Minutes from April were approved.

  • Next meeting:  6/13/17 at 6:30pm.


Meeting adjourned at 7:16 pm.

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