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Meeting Minutes Feb. 14, 2017

Mesa View PTSO General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Minutes taken by:  Yvonne Redford



Yvonne Redford, Kathleen Karnowski, Cindy Lukas, Randy Lempert, Jessica Haag, Dennis Nicolosi, Carol Ballard, Carolyn Peischer, Traci Closson  *2ASB student reps:  Iris Petrozzi and Devin Lietz were present who did not sign in.


Meeting called to order at 4:06pm


ASB Report:  Iris Petrozzi

  • Last week was “Dude be Nice” week

  • Friday was a Spirit Assembly.  

  • Thursday there was a “love” wall that had hearts and each students’ name on them and students were able to take theirs – same as last year

  • Tuesday and Wednesday students made valentines that were delivered to CHOC

  • All of last week there were Random Acts of Kindness (ie: tell a teacher you like them). This was well received and the attitude around school was good.

  • This week sales for a new ‘trucker’ style baseball cap with ‘Dude be Nice’ has started sales.  


Principal’s Report:  Randy Lempert

  • Thank you to ASB/WEB for great ‘Dude be Nice’ assembly last week

  • OVSD has sponsored several parent information nights:

  • Cyber Security that was not very well attended

  • Middle School night at Spring View that was for elementary to middle school transition that was very well attended (200+)

  • Basketball league going on now.  Games tonight and tomorrow.

  • Teachers really appreciate the Teacher Grant Program – several have submitted requests.

  • Coffee with the Principal in January was very well attended (20+).  Thank you to the PTSO for sponsoring.


Old Business:


Website Update:  none due to Andrew Lothian not in attendance

New Business:


Treasurer’s Report:  Cindy Lukas

  • Everything is going well.  All information in the budget report is up to date.

  • Box Top check did come in and was deposited

Carol Ballard (coordinator) was unaware the check came in and

Contacted Box Tops who related that the check had been returned and

She was given three different dates as to when it had been mailed.

Box Tops to send another check that will have to be returned.


Grant Requests:  Randy Lempert

  • Randy recapped that this is for Teacher’s passion projects and $5,000 has already been budgeted and set aside.

  • Four requests have been turned in:

  • Flexible seating for fidgety students requested by Abernathy/

  • Scientific calculators for three class sets requested by Math teachers

  • A new screen with a rear projector for the gym requested by PE/ASB – this may need to wait until the end of the year due to cost of over $3,500

  • Sheet music for band and chorus

  • To be voted on by the Board after the General Meeting

Mural for Ball Wall:  Randy Lempert

  • One estimate so far for $3,500.  This estimate is from the same person who did walls at Lake View, Oak View and several other schools

  • Estimated to last 12-15 years

  • Can be graffiti coated by the school

  • This is instead of the ‘cups’ that are in the fence that are hard to maintain and is a great way to inspire school spirit

  • Would be painted on the entire north side of the ball wall (3 panels)

  • Question of other quotes and no other quotes have been asked for

  • Kathleen suggested Katie Brack who did Circle View’s art

  • Also suggested Josh Serifin who is a professional artist and has done Sunset Beach’s wall

  • Mr. Lempert to follow up.


LOVE bag/Spring Fundraiser:  Yvonne Redford

  • Samples were provided of several different bags/patterns

  • Was kicked off last Friday – February 10th and runs through February 28th

  • Orders and money collected during nutrition on Feb. 27 and 28.  Sue Restmeyer, chair, will coordinate volunteers.


Student Store:  Yvonne Redford

  • Has cleared about $1,900 so far this school year that is on par with last year.  Two people have stepped up to run it next school year.

Parent University:  Kathleen

  • Free parent seminars by HBUHSD.

  • The next one is Feb. 27 at 6:30pm  Strategies to Support Student’s Emotional Well-Being

  • They are well worth going to especially this one if you have a child transitioning to High School


Restaurant Night:  Yvonne Redford

  • Unknown how we did with December’s Del Taco, the check has not come in

  • Next on is scheduled for Bruster’s, Gothard/Warner, for Thursday, February 23rd.  Unknown what time

  • The principal, AP and teacher’s are encouraged to attend and scoop ice cream.

  • Jessica said that she will send out a sign up once we know the times.


January’s Minutes:  No minutes, Patty Nagatoshi (Secretary) not in

        Attendance, will approve at next meeting


Open Input:

  • Kathleen brought up that several parents have contacted her since Coffee with the Principal about community service for the WEB program.  They would like to see the scope of the service broadened and not just get service points for going to a dance or basketball game

  • Mr. Lempert suggested taking their concerns to the teacher since WEB is a class and there may be some restrictions in the Education Code which limits what can be done in the scope of a class

  • Mr. Nickalosi said that he requires his students to go to night concerts, but are given alternate activities if they are unable to go.

  • Carolyn wondered what the policy was for using the field or courts when school is not in session.  

  • Mr. Lempert said that the school cannot deny the use of the facility which is part of the Civil Act.  Organized teams need to go through the District to obtain permission and show proper insurance.  

Next PTSO meeting is 3/14/17 at 6:30 pm


Meeting adjourned at 4:38 pm.

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