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Meeting Minutes Dec. 13, 2016

Mesa View PTSO General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Yvonne Redford, Kathleen Karnowski, Cindy Lukas, Andrew Lothian, Patty Nagatoshi, Randy Lempert, Jessica Haag, Sue Restmeyer, Renell Gochman, Stacy Alyea.


Meeting called to order at 6:32 pm

ASB Report (Jessica):  

  • White Out dance went well – over 300 kids!  Sold glow items for $1 and snacks – pizza, cupcakes, sodas, chips.

  • This Friday is Holiday Hats and Sweaters Day.

Principal’s Report:

  • Sound system was delivered in time for the band and choir concert.  Sounds great and crisp.  Thank you to PTSO.

  • Teachers vs. students volleyball game is coming up.

  • This trimester has had good momentum and good students.

  • Michelle Kaufman is retiring (ALC).  

Old Business:

  • Bill’s Camera:  $64 raised, not bad.  We should do it again.

  • Parent Education:  some speaker ideas?  Do we focus on kids or parents?  Discussion on possible topics and resources.  Will ask for ideas at the President’s Roundtable.

  • 8th grade dance:  Book DJ before Spring View – now!

New Business:

  • Treasurer’s Report:  Lots of money in the bank from the Fall Fundraiser, received an e-scrip check and an Amazon Smile check, taxes are paid and insurance is up to date.  No results from Del Taco yet.  

  • We need to spend down some money – ideas?

  • Q:  What is the status of the blacktop?  A:  It on the board’s agenda tonight!

  • Q:  Can we purchase new fencing for the basketball area?  A:  Money for fencing is not included in district talks but may be later.

  • Q:  How much is it (blacktop)?  A:  About $300,000.

  • Pleasant View is also getting new blacktop.  District has to consider which schools were in greatest need.

  • Q:  Can PTSO pay for the fence?  A:  Cost is about $40,000, but has to be done in conjunction with the district.

  • Randy:  We can set up systems for not having a fence, but not a blacktop.

District Roundtable:

  • Input on district homework policy:  the board is getting their first read tonight then decide on recommendations and what the schools will or will not do.

  • Recap on fundraising:  Lots of schools did Step It Up.  Lovebags were suggested, but they no longer work with schools.  This might be successful with the state bag ban.

Student Store:

  • New holiday items, $1,000 earned so far, Jenny Mangold may take over.

Clothes for a Cause:   

We collected 2,100 pounds and earned $106 (5 cents/pound).  Disappointing, but will try again next spring using a POD.

Coffee with the Principal:

  • Scheduled for 1/20/17.  OK to use 2 $10 certificates to JJ Bagels donated.

Spring Fundraiser:

  • Still looking for a chair.  Maybe look into Love Bags?


  • School received an anti-tobacco grant.  Has to be spent on an anti-tobacco message.  We can actually us 50% of the funds for Chromebooks to use in science.  Randy is requesting approval of $6,000 for the remaining Chromebooks and cart.

  • Motion was made to approve to increase the current $6,000 in Technology budget to $14,000.  Second motion was made and all were in favor.  Passed.

Book Fair:

  • New librarian would like to do a fair during Spring Conferences.

Approval of last month’s meeting minutes:

  • Motion was made, second motion was made and all were in favor.  Passed.

Open Issues:

  • In N Out day is 1/13/17.

  • PTSO will get a Thank You gift for Michelle Kaufman who is retiring.  

  • High school info for 8th graders?  Lisa is working on an email blast.

  • Q:  Do we have any camps here in the summer like Young Americans?  A:  We were open to it, but didn’t have a teacher to organize it.  Plus there was construction too.

  • Q:  Spending money down?  A:  Randy will talk with teachers and PTSO soon.


Meeting adjourned at 7:18 pm.

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