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Meeting Minutes Nov. 7, 2016

Mesa View PTSO General Meeting Minutes

Monday, November 7, 2016


Yvonne Redford, Kathleen Karnowski, Cindy Lukas, Andrew Lothian, Patty Nagatoshi, Randy Lempert, Daphne Lietz, Sue Restmeyer, Renell Gochman, Carol Ballard, Anna Staros, Jodie Merkle.


Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm

ASB Report (Randy):  

  • Wednesday is ASB Wahoo fundraiser

  • Had a spirit assembly – donut eating contest, flip bottle challenge, etc.

  • ASB is going to a leadership conference

Principal’s Report:

  • Great fall fundraiser results, the event was easy on staff.

  • Red Ribbon Week – Ms. Letcher is organizing

  • This year we began IM sports (football, volleyball).  Great for the culture of the school.

  • Volleyball season is going great.  Mr. Jones, Ms. Letcher and Mr. Coville coaching

Approval of September and October minutes:  Motion made to approve – approved by all.  

Fall Fundraiser

  • Highly successful fundraiser – almost $26,000 raised thus far.

  • Step It Up event will be held on Thursday 11/9.  Volunteers still needed.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Bank fees are high – Cindy will ask bank for details.

  • Spirit wear – 2 invoices are forthcoming.

  • Motion made to approve – approved by all,

District Roundtable:

  • There was no district roundtable meeting this month.

Restaurant Nights:

  • Jodie talked with Ms. Roberts.  PTSO will stagger schedule with ASB.

  • Next night is 12/7 at Del Taco.  Randy mentioned we have band concert that night.  Discussion that this was a good thing because families can eat there before the concert.

  • After that we have Chik-Fil-A in February.

  • Maybe we should do Chiptole again?

  • Q:  Do we need a flyer for Wahoo’s?  A:  Not sure, but Yvonne will attach flyer to Facebook group and it is on Peachjar.

  • Peachjar would be good for Box Tops too.  Andrew is placing all Peachjar flyers on the PTSO website.

Box Tops:   Carol just mailed in $217.70.  Lots of expired ones.

Student Store:

  • Profit of $680 so far.

  • Volunteer coverage is about 90%.

  • Added colored pencil leads that are a popular item.  Also squeeze apple sauce by parent request for “fruit”.

  • Q:  Does the store carry 0.9 lead?  A:  Yes

  • Q:  Do we sell food?  Are we allowed to?  A:  Randy says yes.  Discussion as to Food Service restrictions.

Bill’s Camera Fundraiser:

  • They are giving back 20%.  Flier is on the newsletter.

Open Input:

  • 8th grade dance – Jodie asked general questions.

  • Q:  Does PTSO provide speakers (parent education type)?  A:  Yes, we are open to ideas.  ASB leadership conference is a good source of speaker ideas.  Discussion on topics of interest – cyberbullying, relating to middle school ages, etc.  Depending on the topic maybe we could do a student assembly during school, then the same on in the evening for families.  

  • Discussion:  Social media is a huge issue that could be addressed.  Can affect teen mental health and suicide tendencies.

  • Q:  Do teachers get training on these issues?  A:  Not everyone and not on a regular basis, however there is a process in place if a problem arises.

  • Q:  Looks like the school has regular visits from the police department?  A:  School resource officers check in regularly.  We have had no enforcement calls this year.


Meeting adjourned at 7:27 pm.

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