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Meeting Minutes Oct. 11, 2016

Mesa View PTSO General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Yvonne Redford, Kathleen Karnowski, Cindy Lukas, Andrew Lothian, Patty Nagatoshi, Randy Lempert, Jessica Haag, Daphne Lietz, Sue Restmeyer, Claudia Cochran, Stacy Alyea, Dennis Nicolosi, Renell Gochman, Carolyn Peischer, Tracey Clark.


Meeting called to order at 6:32 pm

ASB Report:  

  • Spirit Days coming up:  Pink Day for October Flannel Friday, Red Ribbon Week will have lots of different “days”.

Special Guest Speaker -OVSD Superintendent Dr. Carol Hansen:

  • District representatives have been going out to meet with different parent groups.

  • She went to the Kiwanis meeting today to reach OVSD stakeholders.

  • She is here for questions and to explain the Facilities Master Plan.  OVSD has been around for 150 years.  The FMP lists  possible improvements and is on the website.  It is broken down by school and is a “wish list” for each site.

  • Measure R – under new leadership, the goal is to bring stability back to the district  The district is proud to maintain GATE, full time music teachers and STEAM at Lake View.

  • Decline in enrollment – trying to build that back up by offering attractive programs.

  • Q:  Will the Mesa View blacktop be addressed?  A:  Yes, it will be repaired in wintertime.

  • Q:  If Measure R passes, how long before improvements are made?  A: As soon as 4-5 months.  First work on the prioritized list and how best to package jobs with contractors.

  • Q:  How long is the bond payment?  A:  30 years.  OVSD hasn’t had a bond since 1971.

  • Q:  What is the feeling on it’s passage?  A:  This is a conservative community so it will be close.  The tax rate on original owners will be low due to low assessed value.  

Principal’s Report:

  • Great Back to School Night – good job to parents getting to class on time.  

  • Coffee with the Principal – smaller crowd but still nice.  Topics inc. homework and clowns.

  • Conference week is coming up – Teachers appreciate the meal!  

  • Thank you to PTSO for Homework Club – it is up and running 4 days a week with 25-30 kids in Homework Club.  They are using computers so that is nice to have too.

Fall Fundraiser

  • Kids attended a high energy assembly and have raised $22,000 so far.  

  • Step It Up event is on 11/9 and volunteers are needed.

  • Highly recommend using this company for future fundraisers.


  • We have 277 members and 73 Golden Eagle members.

Spirit Wear:

  • Putting in 1 more order  So far 193 items have been sold in 3 orders.

  • Net revenue is about $1,900 after accounting for Golden Eagle shirts.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Need to vote to move $2,000 from Technology to Electives.  The school has been renting sound equipment for Performing Art performances.  There is still some money left from Mrs. Callahan’s budget to combine with the $2,000 to be able to fund sound equipment purchase for the school.  

  • Q:  Will this year get to use the equipment?  A:  Yes, the order is already in.

  • Q:  Is the $10,000 in Technology already allocated?  A:  No

  • Motion was made to approve moving $2,000 from Technology to Electives.  Second motion made.  All were in favor.  The motion passes.


  • A motion was made to approve the Mesa View PTSO Bylaws after having been reviewed by all board members and the meeting attendees.  Second motion was made.  All were in favor.  The motion passes.

District Roundtable:

  • Lots of schools are doing Step It Up.

  • Marine View and Vista View are collaborating to do a High School Night.

  • Jessica and Erin Pitsker are trying to get info out to kids.  Each high school will still do their 9th grade information night.  There will be a personality assessment for 8th graders to find the best high school fit.

  • Tomorrow night is Chick-Fil-A Night for Village View

Restaurant Nights:

  • Chipotle fundraiser is on October 13 from 5-8pm.  50% back to the school.

  • Chipotle “liked” Ms. Haag’s Tweet.

  • Q:  Are any other restaurant nights scheduled?  A:  Jodie is working with Mrs. Roberts to work out schedule.

Student Store:

  • Store sold 125 Eagle Essential ready packs at registration.  The shifts are well-staffed and the store has made $500 so far.

Facebook Group:

  • Mesa View PTSO Group is now on Facebook with 3 admins and 80 members.

Open Input:

  • Q:  Are we doing Winterfest?  A.  Not this year.

  • Q:  Do choir, band, and performing arts have different shows?  A:  Band and choir are together and performing arts is separate.

  • Q:  Would PTSO want to do a fundraiser with Bill’s Camera?  A:  Yes

  • Comment:  6:30 pm is a much better time for the PTSO meetings.  

  • Q:  For Erin – Do the high schools offer transportation?  A:  Contact the high school district, but probably limited to special needs students.

  • Comment:  The packets were a good idea for 6th grade parents and the Fall Fundraiser was easy on parents to complete.

  • Next PTSO meeting is 11/7 at 6:30 pm


Meeting adjourned at 7:31 pm.

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