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Meeting Minutes Sept. 13, 2016

Mesa View PTSO General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Yvonne Redford, Kathleen Karnowski, Cindy Lukas, Andrew Lothian, Patty Nagatoshi, Randy Lempert, Jessica Haag, Greg Loboda, Elide Rodriguez, Daphne Lietz, Sue Restmeyer, Jenny Mangold, Claudia Cochran, Stacy Alyea, Melody Ho, Dennis Nicolosi, Carol Ballard, Renell Gochman, Ivetta Levenets, Barbara Sprong, Carolyn Peischer.  *4 ASB student reps were present who did not sign in.


Meeting called to order at 6:36 pm

ASB Report:  

  • 6th grade WEB orientation went well.  They are trying to make them feel comfortable.

  • Some Spirit Days are planned – Green Day, What Not to Wear Day, Class Colors.

  • They will do classroom counts for Spirit Wear contests.

Principal’s Report:

  • Randy appreciates the new board stepping up and setting things up early.

  • Randy thanked all the parent volunteers at registration.

  • 6th grade WEB orientation was successful.  90 parents stayed for coffee!

  • Thank you to Renell for supporting teachers with breakfast burritos for Welcome Back Week.  It was nice and rare for staff to be able to eat together.  Burritos are always popular!

  • 810 kids this year – a lot for Mesa View.

  • We have a new choir program and after school care is new too.

Old Business:

  • Vote to approve budget:  Kathleen briefly outlined each line item for general information with the following mentions:

    • Weigh to Fundraise:  Will be coordinated with a realtor’s garage sale.

    • Technology expense:  Randy explained that for now, the school does not have large scale needs (such as an entire lab or Chromebook cart), but that there are smaller gaps to fill (single computers, maintenance) that require ongoing funding.

    • WEB:  Funding is used for ongoing teacher training as well as supplies.

    • Assemblies & Field Trips:  Includes scholarships for the 8th grade Knott’s trip.

    • Student Incentives:  Randy explained the $5 gift card and Eagle Wings raffle.

    • Open for questions:

      • Q:  Expenses doesn’t balance with income:  A:  Due to carryover from prior year and expected carryover to next year.

  • The motion to approve the 2016-2017 working budget was approved with all in favor.

    District Roundtable Report:

  • Message from the district is that they are building momentum over the past couple of years.  They are focusing on innovation in ALL schools, trying to close the achievement gap and also enriching the middle schools.  Randy said the choir program was an example of this.

  • There is a new OVSD website.  Each school has it’s own site on the pulldown menu.

  • The Facilities Master Plan is online and is very detailed.

  • The district now used the “Peach Jar” which is a flier management system that is linked to Aeries.  Groups like AYSO or Friday Night Lights can now pay to upload their flier.  Groups wishing to participate can contact the district.

  • Q:  Is Mesa View’s basketball court repair on the Facilities Report?  A:  Yes, it is part of the Master Plan and if the bond is approved, the Oversight Committee will discuss priorities.  Parents are encouraged to write in their concerns.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Cindy reviewed year to date expenses and income.  The following items had activity – membership, spirit wear, student store, and WEB.


  • Stacy:  We have 232 members and forms are still coming in.  Will put another mention in an upcoming weekly email.

Spirit Wear:

  • Sue:  116 items were sold at registration.  They are in now and will be sorted for delivery to the advisement classrooms.  She will place another order soon as well as one more after Back to School Night for final orders.

  • Jessica says it would be good to get them out by Thursday for Green Day on Friday.

Student Store:

  • Yvonne:  Sold 120 ready packs at registration.  Sold a lot of locks in the first week.  Now selling $5 punch cards and those seem to be doing well.

  • Randy:  Likes having the parents volunteer and get to be on campus.

  • Q:  Is there is a list of supplies that the store carries?  A:  Yes, it is linked on the weekly email as well as posted on the store door.

Box Tops:

  • Carol:  First turn in date is 11/1.  She would like to add a callout on our Facebook page when that is set up.

Coffee with the Principal:

  • Set for October 7th with another 2 dates planned for January and May.

Conference Week Potluck:

  • Renell will solicit donations for the potluck.  Jessica says that Mexican food is popular with the staff.

  • Suggestion was made to use a sign-up site to manage donations.

Back to School Night:

  • Scheduled for 9/29 at 6:00 pm.  Starts in the gym.  Don’t forget to bring your child’s schedule!

  • Q:  Some parents said they felt rushed last year – any suggestions?  A:  Classroom visitation time is set.  Parents should try to manage the time better – socializing with other parents can wait.

Restaurant Nights:

  • October is Chipotle at Seacliff (will confirm exact date).

  • We earned $76 from Cool King.

Fall Fundraiser:

  • Patty:  Trying something new this year with Step It Up Kids obstacle course.

  • Fundraiser begins with Kickoff Assembly on 9/26, followed by 3 weeks incentive period.  Kids can earn more incentives with more money raised.

  • Actual obstacle course event is on 11/9.

  • Volunteers needed to collect coupons during incentive weeks and about 10 for the day of the event.

Volunteer Background Checks:

  • Yvonne and Kathleen:  Explained the difference between Tier 1 (more than 5 hours a week on campus needs Live Scan fingerprinting), Tier 2 (less than 5 hours a week does not need fingerprinting).  

  • Paperwork and screen is required – Meghan’s law and TB.  Forms are available from the office manager.  TB screen (not test) is done with the school nurse on Mondays.

Open Input:

  • Q:  Is this year’s Spring Conference week still a minimum day week?  A:  Yes.

  • Renell:  Suggestion to ask parents if they know of any speakers for the Parent Education series.  Parent suggested maybe Scott Bakovitch because the kids really related to his assembly and gave good reviews.

  • Next PTSO meeting is 11/11 at 6:30 pm


Meeting adjourned at 7:34 pm.


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