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Meeting Minutes May 9, 2016

Mesa View PTSO General Meeting Minutes

Monday, May 9, 2016


Yvonne Redford, Willie Washington, Kathleen Karnowski, Jessica Haag, Randy Lempert, Daphne Lietz, Carolyn Peischer, Annalisa P., Patty Nagatoshi


Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm


Welcome / Introductions –

Meeting Minutes:  Meeting minutes from March and April were approved.

Budget:  Kathleen Karnowski

  • Income:  Box Tops and Chili’s checks received, 2 outsanding Winter Fest checks to be resolved, Spirit wear items sold

  • Expenses:  Homework club still has a large balance.  Why?  Jessica says this year HW club received a grant and some costs were offset.  Book Fair net about $400.  This year’s revenue went to pay upfront book costs from the start of the year.

  • Q:  What to do with the excess in account?  A:  We will float $30,000, then Mr. Lempert will compile staff wish lists and we will write a check at year end.

  • Q:  The 8th grade dance is only $500?  A:  Yes, each student pays a $5.00 donation for the dance.  But no student is turned away.

ASB / WEB – no student reps

  • Spirit days coming up:  Disney Day, Tourist Day, Color Wars

  • ASB didn’t do many fundraisers – PTSO kept Chipotle and Cool King fundraisers open for ASB but they did not use these restaurants.

Principal’s Report:

  • Coffee with the Principal scheduled for 5/27 from 8:30 to 9:20.

  • District is still gathering input for the Facility Master Plan.  Meeting at Mesa View to review MV facilities – 5/18 at 6:30.

  • Testing has started and going well.  Q:  Can students “opt out” of testing?  A:  Yes, but it is recommended to test.  High school placement is more based on teacher recommendation and it is good practice to take standarized testing.

  • Thank you for a great Open House.  Attendance was down – may possible end the evening earlier next year.

Open House Recap:

  • TK Burgers – sales were down this year, we didn’t meet sales quota, but still made about $400.  Bahama Bucks – still waiting for figures, hopefully we made money.

Restaurant Nights:

  • Boudin’s on Sunday, 5/15 from 4:00 to 8:00pm.  50 person minimum, school earns 30%.  Bring paper flyer or show flyer on phone.

New Board / Next Year Planning:

  • Nominations for 2016-2017 board: 

    • Co-Presidents – Yvonne Redford and Kathleen Karnowski

    • Secretary – Patty Nagatosh

    • Treasurer – Cindy Lukas

    • Communications – Lisa Kozik

    • Student Store – Yvonne Redford

    • Open positions:  Hospitality, Fundraising, Spirit Wear – Will talk to current chairs.


Final PTSO Tasks:

  • Last meeting of the year is June 13th.  Board members will be voted on as well as the 2016-2017 budget.

  • Current board and nominees will meet to prepare a budget to present at the meeting.  Purpose of voting on budget in June is to fund startup expenses like Spirit Wear, Eagle Essentials packs, and locks.

  • Mr. Lempert will work on staff wish list.

  • June 1st is cutoff for reimbursement requests.

  • Mr. Lempert announced that 8th grade BBQ will be catered by a Taco Bell truck donated by a parent.



Meeting adjourned at 7:44 pm.


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